Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

I absolutely LOVE Halloween!  We have only been living in California for a couple of months, so it is our first Halloween here.  I'm so happy my mom was able to come for the week and spend Halloween with us!  This morning we got up early and had delicious pumpkin pancakes.  I'm grateful for Trader Joe's and all of their yummy gluten free items:) Then Trey, my mom and I went to the Village to shop in some antique stores.  Not the wisest place to take a 4 year old, but we still had fun with him;)  We had lunch at a taco place we like and they had a wonderful Halloween atmosphere, music and all.  I love festive places! Later Chris met up with us and we took Trey trick or treating around the Village.  I will do a separate post sometime with pictures of the Village, it's the best part about Claremont!  It was fun, but got super crowded fast!  After we were done we took a break at home before heading out to trick or treat again with Trey's little friend Charlie.   Trey and Charlie are great friends, but they clash a lot when they both want to do something.  So pretty soon after we started trick or treating, they were racing each other to the doors to try and knock first.  Then there was some yelling, maybe some pushing....Trey started crying and being irrational (sugar high), so once it got ridiculous I said we were going home.  Insert stupid crazy tantrum.  After the screaming and crying stopped, we had a nice calm chat and figured things out.  We found Charlie again, the boys said they were sorry, and they held hands to each door until we finished.  So other than a few crazy moments, it was a great Halloween!  Here are a few pictures from today:)
      Trey usually hates pictures and avoids them, but he just kept whippin out these moves today!

I look forward to Halloween and Christmas all year, I can't believe Halloween is already over!! They really go so fast, that is why I start decorating for Halloween in September and Christmas in November:) Happy Happy Halloween!!!!!

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