Monday, April 21, 2014

Our lovely Chicago home for sale

I love our little place here in Chicago. I wish so much that we could pack it up and take it to California with us!! It is about 100 years old and has so much character. I worked hard to make it into a comfy little home for us and I really am so sad to let it go. Since we are moving later this summer it will be up for sale soon, so if you know anyone who is looking in the area, tell them to come check it out! I am posting a bunch of photos for that reason, and also so I will always remember our home here in Chicago. I really should have waited for some better lighting before I took these, but our house was squeaky clean so I jumped on the chance to take some photos before the boys made a mess of things;) I am also including some "before" photos from when we moved in, just for fun.

First here are the "Before" photos:

And now LOTS of photos from today:)

We love you little home, we will miss you:(

newsig_zps03916962 photo newsig_zps03916962-1_zps9a9f592f.jpg

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