Thursday, August 29, 2013

Well hello there blog!

hello! it's been a few months... i always start my new posts saying i am going to be better at blogging. that's always my intention, it just hasn't stuck yet. we will see how it goes this time:) now that summer is almost over i guess i'll just do a quick recap and give an update on our lives. if you follow my instagram you know i go a little insta crazy with my pics and you probably know more about my life than you cared for;)but being away from all my family and most of my friends, instagram is the easiest and quickest way for me to show everyone what's goin on.
this summer was crazy fast! trey and i went to utah for about 4 weeks. it was so great to be back home with family and friends. even though it was a nice long vacation, it went by so fast and feels like a big blur! i love my family and miss them like crazy every day, so i'm grateful i was able to spend that time with them.
summer time in chicago is great. we spend most of our time at the park or at the beach. it only takes us about 10 minutes to walk to the beach so it's very convenient and we love our beach days! we also live about 5 minutes away from trey's favorite park so we are there pretty much every day. i love watching that kid play and seeing his imagination get bigger every day. so that's pretty much what our days look like, now for some update's on us:
chris: chris is starting his second year of his masters program at the divinity school and will be done with that in the spring. he will start applying soon for phd programs and we will find out if he gets accepted or not early next year. he is hoping to get accepted to the program here in chicago which would be nice so we wouldn't have to move again. he has had the summer off so he watches trey while i work and we have all been able to spend a lot of time together. it will be weird when he starts school next month to have him gone all the time.

trey: trey is almost three and a half and started preschool this week. i can't believe how big he is getting! it definitely goes by so fast. he is such a sweet and hilarious little boy. he is getting to be a little bit more feisty as he gets older, but sweeter too:) i love spending my days with him and watching him learn and grow! he is a pretty picky eater lately and sometimes we have a hard time getting him to eat anything at all besides fruit snacks and milk. he loves to hum and sing, dance, play at the park, ride his scooter, watch his favorite shows, play ipad games, play with toys and play hide and seek. i will keep posting separate posts of the funny things he says, although it's impossible for me to write them all down because he says them all day!! if you can't tell by my instagram, i'm kind of obsessed with him;)

me: i started working at a new office this summer and right now i am working every monday and tuesday. it's a good schedule for me, two days is definitely the most i want to work so i can be with trey as much as possible. during my free time i have become a little obsessed with designing fabric. i honestly know nothing about design, but i have always wanted to be a graphic designer so this is a fun way for me to try and be a little artistic:) you can click on the flower on my sidebar to see the fabrics i have designed so far. so addicting! hopefully i can keep it up and get better with time:)

so, pretty much we have had a nice relaxing summer. even though i am dreading winter, i cannot wait for fall!!! i love fall so much sometimes i want to cry when i think about it:) i am taking trey to utah in october so he can go with chris's family to mexico. lucky duck! even though it's only for a few days i'm super excited to be able to visit during my favorite time of year!

this has been a long post! like i always say, i will try to post more regularly. i really do want to be better so i can make a blog book at the end of the years since i suck at keeping a journal. and, that's all;) now for a few random pics, most of my pics are on instagram, i just think blog posts are a little better with pictures!

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