Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Trey Talk

Trey was walking around with a shirt wrapped around his legs, it looked like a skirt. He kept saying, "I'm a sultan!!"

I grabbed Trey to pull him away from a rail he was licking and he yelled, "stop it! You're out of your mind!"

He was hugging all of his little animals saying, "you're the best little animals!"

Me: I love when you're Batman.
Trey: I'm not Batman, I'm a boy pretending to be Batman!

"The donkey has ears, we spray his nose and put underwear on the donkey."

We were watching the Lion King and he says, "Look at those bouncing bazows!!" (Prancing antelopes)

"A cooter is a big giant animal!"

"Ok guys, a beautiful race is about to start!"

"Mom these are contewations!" (constellations)

While I was cutting his hair he said, "mom, you're a good friend."

Talking on his Mickey Mouse phone- "hi Mickey Mouse. Are you talking to me? You are? Ok bye."

These are just some of the ones I wrote down in time before I forgot. Trey is the sweetest boy ever!! Everyone he walks by he says " hi! What's your name?" He wants to play with every kid at the park and is always so friendly. This is such and adorable and funny age, I hate how fast it's already going!!

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