Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Toddler teepee

For Trey's birthday I really wanted to get him one of the cute teepees I have seen on the internet. When I saw that they cost over $100 I decided to try and make one first to save some money:) I'm glad I did! I love the way it turned out and it was a lot cheaper! So, this is how I made mine:
I used this tutorial to help with the construction of it, and just changed a few things here and there. Also, I used duck cloth canvas instead of painters canvas like she used. My measurements were way off for some reason so I ended up cutting my bamboo poles 12 inches.

I used bamboo sticks, but they aren't as stable as I would have liked. I love the way they look though. I tied them together with leather.

Paint your bamboo sticks if you want, or keep them the way they are. The only problem with the paint is that it chips off when you tie the sticks together. I should have prepped them but didn't think about it.

I just drew the black triangles on the front with a fabric marker. It ran out of ink fast so I finished one of the triangles with a sharpie. Oops! (can you spy a little Trey inside?)

I sewed double fold bias tape all around the raw edges instead of hemming them. I think it gave it some nice contrast.

I was too lazy to add ties to the front. I may or may not do that in the future. I also still need to add attachments inside that hook onto the poles. Again, too lazy and impatient.

To make the banner I just cut out the triangles with my scrap fabric, cut out a long strip of burlap, folded the burlap strip like a hot dog and sew the triangles inside the fold.

Add some feathers to the leather tie and voila! I'm really happy with the way it turned out!!

newsig_zps03916962 photo newsig_zps03916962-1_zps9a9f592f.jpg

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Jackie said...

You are one of those crazy talented Pinterest moms that everyone is jealous of.