Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trey Talk

My silly little boy says the cutest and funniest things all day long. Here are the ones I have written down from the last few weeks:)

Me: Trey can I have a kiss?
Trey: No
Me: why?
Trey: I already gave you too many kisses today.

He saw a toy watering can at the store and said "this will be great for my bath!!"

I put him in the car and he said, "this is a dark cave we can live in!"

A show called Super Why came on and he said, "what do you know, Super Why!!"

"I spy with my little eye, I spy somping(something) elephant."

Also, "I spy"

When I pick him up he always pulls my hair over my eyes and says "now you have super hero power."

We have a kid song cd in the car and after every song he says, "that was a great kid song! What song is next?!"

Me: I love you Trey.
Trey: you do love me?
Me: yes I do!
Trey: wow! That's cool!

When I spray saline in his nose and then have him blow he says, "thanks for helping me blow my nose!"

I reached back to hold his hand in the car and he said, "I love holding your hand!" (Then a minute later he told me he can't hold my hand while I'm driving:)

"My owie smells weird. It smells like a T. Rex."

"My T.Rex is so hungry! He needs to eat bologna!"

Me: I love you Trey.
Trey: yeah you do!!

I was playing with his hammering toy and he said, "you are a great hammerer mom!"

Trey: listen mom! It's the war commanded me five!
Me: you mean, the Lord commanded Nephi?
Trey: ohhhhhhhh, Nephi.....I get it!

Trey walked in while I was in the bathroom and said "Wow! Those are big giant underwear you have!!"

I'm sorry you can't hear his little voice saying these things. He has such a cute personality and I'm so happy I get to hang out with him every day:)

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