Sunday, December 9, 2012

many words and many pictures.

Warning, this post will be very long and filled with pictures! If I could just do this more frequently it would be a lot easier! I have so many random pictures from the past month and a half, I don't even know where to begin! I decorated for Christmas 2 days after Halloween. I know some people think that is crazy, but it makes me happy so that is why I do it! We had a good Thanksgiving, it was hard to be away from our families but we kept busy cooking and we were invited to a ward member's home for dinner with a few other families. It was very nice of them to include us and it was a good time! Chris's parents were able to visit us the week after Thanksgiving because Gary had a conference. It was so fun to have them here. We went downtown one day, and they stayed with us for a couple of nights. They also took Trey for us one night so we could have a date and sleep in Saturday morning. That was amazing:) I have really tried to get us out of the house during the day if I can. Sometimes it is too cold and I am too lazy! When the weather is nice we usually go to a park, and some days we go to the zoo because it is free! We also like going to museums or the aquarium. I love going downtown, but that only happens once in a while. Trey doesn't love being in his stroller too long:)I have also been temping at a dental office, usually about once a week. It has been good to work and make some money for Christmas. Starting in January I will try to find a solid part time job. I would love to work 2 days a week if possible, that way I can still spend most of my week with Trey. In one week we are going back home for Christmas!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!! So pretty much that is what has been goin on. Now for the pictures.....
Other than needing two more chairs, my dining room is done!!
Christmas decorations make houses so much better:)
I felt like sewing something, so I used my fabric scraps to make a Christmas pillow!
Thanksgiving! (Chris has gotten a haircut since then, he was looking a little homeless:)
Trey at the little kids table
Beautiful city.
This is what he does when it is too bright:)
Trey making friends on the metra.
Navy Pier for the Ferris Wheel w/grandma and grandpa
Ferris Wheel!
I love this pic of Trey with grandma and grandpa
looking at the display windows at Macy's
A very serious Santa and Trey:) Trey asked Santa for a dinosaur.
The zoo! Yes it's free, but parking is $20. Luckily we have always been able to find street parking.
Trey and his friend Asher.
Can you see the tiny baby gorilla in his mom's arms?
This is an awesome play place at the zoo. Trey isn't brave enough yet:)
Museum of Science and Industry. I want to go there by myself someday so I can look, they have so many cool things!
Huge train track! I took this from the floor above and couldn't fit it all in the picture.
This picture and the next one are from the Field Museum. Also a very cool place.
The next 7 pictures are from the children's museum at Navy Pier. So fun:)
This and the rest of the pictures are from the Museum of Science and Industry. Trey is playing in the Idea Factory.
Ginormous Charlie Brown Christmas tree.
Trey looking up at the fake snow falling down.

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