Monday, November 5, 2012

Our new home.

Well, I have had a ton of fun decorating this little place of ours. I'll tell you what though, painting my bedroom almost killed me!! I am happy with the way things turned out for the most part. Every day I think of something I should have done different or I find things I want to change, but that is just my nature unfortunately when it comes to decorating. So here are the pictures of what I have so far. We still need to get Trey's bed situation figured out, his crib is facing the wall so he doesn't climb out and it has sheets wrapped all around it because he chews on the rails! Crazy child. The dining/office/sewing room is more of a functional than fashionable room, and I don't have pictures ready for that room yet. Other than that, here they are:)
Living room before. Luckily the paint color was neutral and not crazy like some of the other rooms!
This is just the before and after curtains. It's amazing the difference some color makes!
Before of the kitchen. This color was also acceptable so we didn't have to paint:)
Bathroom before. This color was worse in person. At least it wasn't a lot of painting in here that needed to be done.
Trey's room before. This paint was also worse in person. Nast.
Another before of Trey's room, with some awesome denim curtains:)
And.....the master bedroom before. Just standing in that copper diarrhea colored room with wall to wall built in bookshelves depressed me.
Another angle of this beauty. AFTERS:
Front entry (when it isn't a holiday:)
One view of the living room
View when walking in from the front door
One thing I told Chris I needed when we moved was a nice big couch. I am in love with it.
I am standing by the front door. You walk straight into the living room, and you can see the dining room past the arch. (That chair was by the t.v. so we could watch conference from Chris's computer:)
T.v. corner. I love the t.v. table, but I need to figure out a cute way to hide the cords. I have something in mind.
Kitchen now. I didn't do much with the kitchen, and I already want to change the curtain. I wanted more of a burlap color but it looks too brown to me. We will see:)
Painted the bathroom gray. I like the light shower curtain with the darker gray.
I like our sink:)
Painted Trey's room light grey.
Another view of Trey's room. I have some cute things that are waiting to be hung on the wall. (These plaster walls are so irritating!!!!!!) I'll post some more pictures of Trey's room when his bed is ready.
I let Chris use one wall of bookshelves:) I didn't want our room full of books! Luckily with this and the bookshelf in the dining room everything fit! That is the door to our closet.
One wall almost complete. I need to add, subtract, and rearrange a little bit but right now this is what it is!
Other side of the room. These walls are less finished, but they will do for now:) I don't know what to do with a billion shelves!
This is the only part of the dining room I'll show right now. I like my mirrors:) So that is it for now! It is very cozy and we really love it:)