Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vegas baby!

2 weekends ago Jamie and I were able to ditch our kiddos and spend some well deserved relaxation time before I move away. We had so much fun shopping, eating, lounging at the pool, and laying in our ridiculously comfortable hotel bed! I love Jamie so much and I'm so happy we were able to do this before I move!! Here are many many MANY pictures for ya Jamie:)
Driving to Vegas from Jamie's house in St. George
Lobby at the Trump hotel
Our amazing bed
Hotel room
Our mirror t.v. It wouldn't work at first, we made sure they fixed it ASAP!
Shopping in the awesome Fashion Show mall outside our hotel
headed back after a long day of shopping
our awesome healthy breakfast in bed
once we were finally able to get out of bed I took a picture:)
finally goin swimmin! People watching at a Vegas pool is the best:)
Headed out to the strip in our modest mom outfits. So so hot outside!
We took alot of pictures of ourselves
of course we both needed a picture next to the cute walls:)
my happy fall purchase!
Dinner time!!
yummy dessert before heading back to our comfy bed at 9:00. We are crazy like that.
Just about to leave:( I'm a poser, Jamie is a planner.
Saying goodbye to the Trump in our favorite mirror!
Stopped by the Heart Attack Grill for my padre. Sorry dad, no gluten free items for me to eat!
Our last meal in Vegas.
Driving back to St. George:( Goodbye Jamie my love! See you in December!!

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Jordan and Jamie said...

we are dorks. lets go back!!