Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Journey to Chicago

Well we have been here a week now and it has been the busiest and quickest week of my life! We drove for three days. Holy crap that was not a fun drive, especially with a two year old! Trey did a lot better than I thought he would at least:) The days since we got here have been filled with PAINTING, unpacking, painting, walking, painting, etc. Our couch is finally coming tomorrow which will be amazing! I will have some nice before and after pictures in the next few days. Here are some pictures of the drive and some after we got here:) I post pictures on instagram and facebook a lot so some of these are repeats, I'm sorry.
Last picture of Orem while driving through the canyon:(
Saw alot of these things on the boring drive! They are so big!!
Trey put cheerios on his zebra's ears. He got pretty bored:)
Passing the guys!
Trey did very little of this unfortunately!
Outside a fast food place in Nebraska I think?
Pretty view of the city from our hotel in Chicago
This is the outside of our new place
Chris's building on campus. It is beautiful there.
Campus library
Trey all ready for church!
We took the metra to the city for my birthday!
Loved shopping at the Magnificent Mile!
View of the city from the Hancock observatory
We couldn't get the cool view behind us because of the lighting
Trey loves the park a few blocks from our house, he has been everyday since we came!

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Jordan and Jamie said...

The city looks awesome! I MISS YOU!!!