Friday, March 13, 2009


Tonight I was at Target like I am most Friday nights, and I sort of wanted to strangle a certain little girl. Terrible, but pretty true at that moment. There I was, in the kids section looking at their clothes(yes, sometimes they fit me) and I hear loud screaming and crying getting closer to me.

Little girl(maybe 7 years old): "I want them!!! They'll get sold out!!!!! I want them!!!! (She is screaming bloody murder the entire time)

Mom: "They won't sell out, I already bought you jeans yesterday, we aren't buying clothes today."

Little girl: "But I want them!! They'll get sold out!!!! NO! NO!! I want them!!!"

Mom: "I think they are the ones we got, let's go home and check. We are not buying clothes today.

Little Girl: I WANT THEM!!!! (Screaming like she is in horrible pain) (Running around with the pants screaming that she needs them) I NEED THEM!!!! SCREAMING SOBBING SCREAMING SOBBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After what seemed like an enormous amount of time listening to the madness, I went into the dressing room. Screaming and crying could still be heard, but eventually, miraculously died down. I have no idea how that mother managed to stop the crying, or even if she did. But I do know that I am now terrified of what this world is coming to, if that is how a seven year old girl reacts when she can't get a pair of jeans.


Nick & Danielle said...

That is insane! Crazy kids these days!

Jen said...

So glad I have BOYS!!

The Hall Clan said...

Another good reason to wish for boys