Sunday, December 14, 2008

MoTab and Pie!

Last week I was able to go see the MoTab Christmas concert with my family. Before the concert Melissa, Jen, Jim, Liam and I stopped at The Pie to get some delicious pizza. We called ahead to order, and when we got there we discovered we ordered the biggest pizza on earth! It was amazing. It was a great night and I'm happy I was able to go and have fun with the fam.


Jen said...

You guys had a better view than we did. And, you got to look at lights. We are going to try to go back up this week with Jim's family to look at lights since we were in such a hurry. I just hope it doesn't snow and keep us home.

Jordan and Jamie said...

You look so cute in these pictures I love your skirt! And that is the biggest pizza I've ever seen!