Wednesday, June 18, 2008

8 Little Quirks!

I got tagged a long time ago! Here it goes...

1: I organize messes instead of just putting things away. Like right now I am looking at a stack of unused picture frames (largest on bottom to smallest on top) sitting in the corner when they should be in the closet. I do it with everything.

2: I have to check the alarm on my phone before bed like 5 times to make sure it is set right. I'm so paranoid I'll be late for work.

3: I have to have gum in my mouth at all times. If I don't have it it's hard for me to talk to people because I don't want bad breath!

4: I have to knock on wood all of the time. My twin sis and I have been doing that since we were little. When we were afraid something might happen we would knock on wood, and I just never stopped doing it!

5: When I listen to my i-pod I only use one ear phone so I can sing along and hear if I sound like crap or not! I know that's lame, but yeah. And the weird part is that it always has to be in my left ear.

6: This may be gross to some people, but it's my life. If I have any sort of zit or scab on my face (from a zit), I have to scratch it off. Even though I know it will just make another one, and it will take longer to heal, I do it anyway. I just can't stand it being there. Annoying, I know.

7: Every morning when I drive to work I have to listen to the Boner of the Day candidates on X-96. It starts my day out right!

8: Any time I walk up stairs I count. And only when I walk up them, not down. Don't know why.

There ya go, some of my weird habits! I tag JEN!


Jordan and Jamie said...

You are a funny girl!!!

Jen said...

OK Andrea, I FINALLY did it. I almost had to steal some of your answers, but I tried to think of my own. I realized how paranoid and uptight I sound when I read it back.