Friday, May 4, 2012

A post of projects...

Well I have done a few random projects over the past little while that I want to post about so I don't forget. Now that I am out of school and don't have to study every second, I have some time to do things when Trey goes to bed. Here are just a few things I have done, I maybe even did some of them while I was still in school, who knows! Still so many things to do, but here is a start:)
I covered a plain white lamp shade with some fabric I found online. Love the fabric!
I made a car seat cover for Melissa's baby girl, Avrie. I also made one for Jackie's baby boy but I forgot to take a picture:( They each picked the fabric they wanted.
I just painted some frames and put Trey's baby silhouette and Chris's baby silhouette in them. Cute boys:)
Holy crap. Painting furniture is so much work!! I painted two of my bar stools light blue. The other two are in my garage at this very moment, being painted white. I am really going to try to finish them this weekend!!
I saw this fabric on sale at Hancock and thought it would make a cute pillow. I think it did!
Bibs. I made these reversible bibs for two of my sisters and two of my friends. I don't have pictures of the boy ones though:( I got the tutorial online.
These are just canvas's I bought at Joann's. I covered them with fabric and secured with a staple gun. Easiest project I have ever done!
I found this desk at Gardner Village and thought it would make a perfect sewing table! I love having my own spot in my room to sew:) I had an idea of what I wanted for a chair but the only close one I found was $95 dollars at a consignment store. So I found this at DI for about 15 dollars and just spray painted it cream. I was going to cover the seat but I ended up liking the wicker.
Pillow and cribskirt for Jackie's nursery. (Didn't she do a great job!) Jackie chose the fabric and asked me to make her a pillow and cribskirt. Pillow was no problem, cribskirt scared me! It actually isn't too bad, but I'm not good with large measurements. It turned out to be ok though, now we just need baby Jax to come!
Maxi skirt. I found a tutorial on a blog that I have been wanting to try forever. I didn't think I could do it without a serger, but I tried and it worked! I did order a serger, I'm just waiting for it to come and then I'll have to learn how to use it! I plan on making a few more once I get the hang of the serger, and sewing with knit:) (You should know this was my third attempt, I failed twice before!) Sorry, that was alot of pictures! I'm glad I am mostly caught up I think, next I just need to finish those white barstools!

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Jordan and Jamie said...

Cute stuff! Feel free to come decorate my house, paint my furniture, and sew me some clothes any time!