Monday, February 20, 2012

My baby boy.

Trey will be 2 in April! I can't believe how fast time goes. I just want to write a little bit about this sweet little boy of mine. He has the cutest little personality! He loves his family, going on walks, playing with rocks, reading books, flashcards, playing with cars, stacking blocks, throwing Tonka's ball, water, balls, bubbles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, counting, playing with wood chips, crackers, etc. Ever since we went on our Disney vacation in December Trey just started talking like crazy!! Here are some of the things he says the most:


"Hokay!" -meaning OK

"Wishous!" -delicious

"Nummy!" -yummy.

"Watner" -water (sometimes he says it right:)

"Mommy going/doing/coming?" -this isn't always mommy, it is about anyone he was with:)

"Ta-ah" -Tonka.

"Ho-No!" -oh no

"I don't know?" -he usually says it like he is asking a question

"Sehmen" -that is how he says seven and I love it! (he can count all the way to thirteen, then he says fifteen, nineteen and twenty.)

"Beeg.....!" -that is what it sounds like when he says big, and he says everything is big. Like, big car! Big tree! Big rock!

"WOW!!" -he says wow all day!

"Mazing!" -amazing

"Come on!"

"Tank you"


Trey has started to copy words we say really well. It amazes me everyday hearing new words come out of his mouth! I just love him more than anything:)

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