Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is it April yet?!

I am so happy that I am almost done with my third semester!! This semester has been pretty annoying because we have had so many group projects and busy work I feel like! Plus, lately all I want to do is make things. I want to sew all the time, but I don't really know how so I am kinda just teaching myself along the way. When the semester is over I get three weeks off and I want to take sewing lessons, so if anyone knows a good person or place I could go to that would be helpful:) Here are some pictures of a couple of the simple things I have made trying to figure out this sewing thing that I am falling in love with!!

Little Clutch

Awesome ugly Christmas sweater:)

Car seat cover

pillow for my living room

pillow for Boz

Anywho, I love it, but I want to be able to make bags and clothes and anything I feel like, so hopefully I can take some good lessons over my break and become a little seamstress! PS: my baby is turning 1 in a month!! What?!


Jordan and Jamie said...

Maybe I should find you lessons down here so that you'll be forced to spend your break with me:)

Dink said...

Um if you find someone to give you lessons let me know I want sewing lessons too!! I am all self taught which makes for some frustrating projects sometimes!!

Shelly said...

Your so good at making stuff. I need to get my sewing machine back out. It has been like a year since I have done anything! Love seeing your crafts! Good job!