Friday, December 17, 2010

Finals are over!

I have been quite stressed and occupied with studying, but I took my last final yesterday and now I can relax for a minute and enjoy the best time of the year!!! Yesterday I had the wonderful experience of going to the Christmas concert with David Archuleta and the Motab! I loved it, he is so cute like a little puppy and his voice is amazing!!! Thanks to my sister Jen we were able to go! I was also able to go the the Christmas devotional a week or two ago with my family that was really good. At the beginning of the month Jen and I took Trey and Gavin to the festival of trees which I love to do every year. So the next two weeks will be filled with Christmas movies, music, family, food, and the happiness that no school brings! Oh, and studying for the big test I have in 2 weeks on everything I have learned the past 2 semesters. Anyway, it's going to be a nice little break:)

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Sarah said...

Love your yellow jacket! You are so cute! Have a wonderful break! If you wanna play during it, call me!