Friday, August 1, 2008

1 More Day!!!!

Tomorrow I will spend the day laying by the pool reading BREAKING DAWN!!!!! I can't believe it will finally be here, I am so excited!! Last night Chris and I were at Border's and there were already people camping out. Wow. I then spent fifteen min. eavesdropping on some girls conversation they were having about Breaking Dawn and all their theories on what is going to happen. Interesting group of girls they were! Anyways, CAN'T WAIT!!


Nick & Danielle said...

I was at the mall today and there was a Twilight Fanatic store and I so wanted to get you a shirt that had I love Cullen on it or are a Twilight Fanatic! But it is so hard not to be...those books are AMAZING!!

kbrandon said...

i LOVE that you love Twilight. i am alos obbsessed as Danielle might have told you. and congrats on the baby!